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Alfansa Bio Pvt Ltd is committed towards WHO GMP standards for quality and efficacy. Alfansa Bio Pvt Ltd is a professionally managed company engaged in manfacturing of “Pharmaceutical and Health Care” based products. Our purpose is to provide affordable and quality medicines for healthier lives. Alfansa Bio started its operations in 2009 to provide wide range of top quality pharmaceutical products and dedicated to serve both physicians and patients with innovative Prescription and Non Prescription products. With its constant endeavor to strive for top class products and services. Alfansa Bio has been able to win confidence of both physicians and patients alike. We have significant presence in brands across all therapeutic segments from cough and cold to life threatening serious diseases. We provide product range for all specialities of Doctors. Alfansa Bio is known for providing truly world class healthcare solutions at affordable price. The company has been consistently launching new products, which include not only first time product but also line extensions of existing brands. Alfansa Bio is emerging as a powerful entity in the pharmaceutical business, confident of creating new formulations and to make significant differences in the lives of the people. We are deeply committed and works hard to deliver the best for the cause of life.

The company develops products that deliver value to customers, meet health needs of patients and improve their lives. In pursuit of this concern, invision has substantially invented in becoming a technology driven pharma company.

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WHO Certificate

WHO GMP Certificate

first World Health Organization (WHO)

The first World Health Organization (WHO) draft text on “GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES “(GMP) was prepared at the request of 20th World Health Assembly in 1967 by a group of consultants. The text was discussed by the WHO expert committee on specification for Pharmaceutical preparation in 1968. When the World Health Assembly recommended the 1st version of the WHO Certification scheme on the quality of pharmaceutical products moving in international commerce in 1969,

ISO Certificate

ISO 9001-2008 Certificate

International Organization for Standardization

Unwavering commitment to quality is our greatest strength. The consistent success of our Healthcare products is a testimony to our abiding belief that nothing can replace quality. Our products are manufactured in ISO 9001 - 2008 CERTIFIED state of - the - art manufacturing units.

Quality Astra


Quality Astria Central Asia

The robust quality management system with standard operating procedures has been formulated for incorporating QUALITY AUSTRIA.
Quality Austria Central Asia Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture of Quality Austria, Austria and Peacock Global Quality Assurance, India, established in September 2010. It’s one of the leading Certification, Industrial Services (Inspection, Technical Advisory & Surveying Investigation).